Thursday, July 2, 2009

How do you TODO?

Some time back there was an ask proggit looking for ideas for handling TODO's. Someone posted a simple bash script that handled a TODO file in the local directory. Now, I'm always looking for little things to do in Haskell as learning exercises and this one struck me. So, here it is, my TODO program. It actually has a neat bonus feature in that it doesn't display TODO items that are marked with a "DONE". Someday I need to add a date/time stamp, but it's good enough for now.
module Main( main ) where

import System ( getArgs, system, exitWith )
import System.Console.GetOpt
import System.Posix.Files

main:: IO()
main = do
  args <- getArgs

  case getOpt RequireOrder options args of
    ([Edit], _,       []) -> spawnEditor 
    ([Help], _,       _)  -> putStrLn \$ usageInfo header options ++ description
    ([],     [],      []) -> displayTodo 
    ([],     nonOpts, []) -> addTodo nonOpts
    ([], [],  msgs)       -> error \$ concat msgs ++ usageInfo header options ++ description
    _                     -> error \$ usageInfo header options ++ description

data Flag = Edit | Help

options :: [OptDescr Flag]
options = [ 
 Option ['e'] ["edit"] (NoArg Edit) "edit the todo list",
 Option ['h'] ["help"] (NoArg Help) "display this help"

header :: String
header = "Usage: todo [OPTIONS] [todo item]"

description :: String
description = unlines [ ""
                      , "The default operation is to just cat the TODO file. Calling todo with"
                      , "a non-option argument will add that argument to the TODO file."

todoFile :: String
todoFile = "TODO"

-- TODO -- needs to check for existing emacs process first and run emacsclient in that case...
spawnEditor :: IO ()
spawnEditor = system ("emacs " ++ todoFile) >>= exitWith

addTodo :: [String] -> IO ()
addTodo nonOpts = do
  print "Updating todo list..."
  appendFile todoFile \$ (unwords nonOpts) ++ "\n"

displayTodo :: IO ()
displayTodo =  fileExist todoFile >>= 
               (\a -> if a 
                      then readFile todoFile >>= putStr . removeDones
                      else putStrLn "nothing to do!") 

removeDones :: String -> String
removeDones = unlines . filter (not . contains "DONE") . lines  

contains :: String -> String -> Bool
contains target source = any (== target) \$ words source

It's not the greatest Haskell code I'm sure, but its the first I've done that wasn't pure functional code, it works, and was fun to sort out.

ps. Looks like my attempts at formatting code were less than fully successful. It's all there, just click and drag to select it... sorry

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